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Apple iPhone X Waterproof Mounting Kit

We reviewed the Ultimateaddons iPhone 6/7/8 Plus mount kit not so long ago and we’ve had some great news from Ultimateaddons about the iPhone X version. They’ve confirmed that the new case will be launched this month (April) This touring kit for the Apple iPhone X is suitable for sports & sports touring bikes and the kit will allow you to mount your iPhone to your motorcycles fork stem. If you ride a sports bike or sports tourer motorcycle where you have limited space on your handlebars the fork stem attachment is the recommended mounting option. You can get notified when the new kit will be available by signing up on this page. If its as good as the mount for the 6/7/8 Plus, then it’s definitely worth purchasing to protect your iPhone X.

PRODUCT REVIEW: Ultimateaddons iPhone 6/7/8Plus Case

We were greeted with an absolutely beautiful day to kick off the Biking Season and it set a great scene for us to be able to review the Ultimateaddons iPhone Tough case and mount we were sent last week. Having some form of GPS Navigation on your motorcycle is a bit like marmite, people either love it or hate it, but for us, the practicality of having your route right in front of you is worth its weight in gold and we love it! However, mounting a device to your motorcycle isn’t always as easy as you may think it be, not safely and correctly anyway. The Ultimateaddons range of products allows you to do this with practically zero effort. We got our hands on the fork stem case mount kit for the iPhone 6/7/8 Plus which offers a range of different fork stem sizes to mount directly on to th...

UPCOMING REVIEW: Ultimateaddons iPhone 6/7/8Plus Case

We’re lucky enough to be getting a Motorcycle Fork Stem Tough Case Mount for Apple iPhone 6 7 8 Plus sent to us to review which is great news for those of us that use our motorcycle to commute or tour. Finding a reliable and high quality mount for a smart phone is no easy feat, so keep an eye out for our review which is going to be online very soon. Will it make it in to our ‘topboxx’ or not? Check back soon to find out.