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Month: August 2018

Queue the haters – Yamaha Niken: First Ride

I can’t think of a bike in history that has or will divide opinions quite as much as this bike… I’m absolutely amazed! Following the official launch of the Yamaha Niken in May this year, there have been several appearances of the new machine and we had a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the new Yamaha 3 Wheeled machine and take the bike out for a test ride on the fantastic roads in Derbyshire. Yamaha has more often than not been at the forefront of new idea’s and new technology in the motorcycle world, and they’ve continued to do so with the new Yamaha Niken. They’ve been developing the bike and its new ‘parallelogram steering system’ for some time, perfecting, tweaking and really refining the system before throwing it out on the mar...