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Month: June 2018

2018 Triumph Tiger Explorer 1200 XCa – First Ride Review

We’ve been looking forward to this one. We’ve let the big players post their reviews, so now its our turn. The new flagship Adventure bike from Triumph with all new… well, all new everything nearly. But how did it ride? Triumph have pulled out all the stops when it comes to the new Tiger range, they’ve jam-packed it to the brim with new electronic systems, improved rideability, reduced the weight, extra bhp and more. So let’s get down to brass tacks on how we really feel about this new bike. Spoiler… there is a few grumbles and moans! The Look This is a good looking bike, no seriously, a very good looking bike. Visually, standing back, the new Explorer doesn’t look too dissimilar from the 2017 version, but it’s when you get closer to the bike...